Local Search Engine Optimization SEO

What is Local SEO?

In short, Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website for local search engine listings.  Just a few years ago, everyone typing the same search into Google or Bing would get the exact same result. That’s not true anymore. Search engines know where you are and they follow your habits. If you have a business that depends on local customers such as a dog walking service or a hair salon, you need to optimize your site so that search engines know exactly where you are. This is how search engines like Google know to list you (or not) when someone enters one of your keywords.

How is this done?

Some of the work is done on your website. Establishing a clear and consistent name, address, phone and email address on your site is critical.  Furthermore, extending that same consistent information across every entry, social media, press releases, and blogs, will solidify your location. Memberships in certain directories is also vital.

MacKenzie Arts and Design will help you establish your business location on the web. We will make the necessary adjustments to your website, to your social media and subscribe you to directories that will help to establish you as a competitor in your marketplace.

What does it cost?

The amount of time you put in is directly proportional to the results you will achieve. We can establish a maintenance plan that includes SEO work. Click here to see our plans which can be further customized to suit your specific needs.

Can I do it myself?

Rules for SEO change constantly. Best practices from just a year ago may no longer apply. If you have someone on staff with experience in this area, you can do it yourself. If you don’t have that expertise on staff, you should retain someone to do it for you. Do not approach this as a one-time thing.  Your online presence needs to be reviewed on a regular basis.