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And Everything Will Be As It Was

Cast and Crew Instructions and Verification

And Everything Will Be As It Was

Screenplay by Stephen Loughran

Thanks again for your participation in our movie shoot August 7th, 2017. We’re grateful for the help and we looking forward to working with you. If you’re looking at this page on your phone or tablet the FAQ section may appear below the signature instead of to the right of the form. In any case, please make sure you review it. If you have any questions, please ask and we’ll do our best to get back to you. The purpose of this form is to make sure we have your correct information and to communicate expectations. For your privacy, we will delete your information from the website on August 6th and the only copy remaining will be in paper form to be used to check you in when you arrive.

Thanks again and we’ll see you on the 7th!


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Please Read The FAQs

Date: Monday, August 7th


13 PORT STREET, HUDSON, MA 01749 – click for a google map

Do not send questions to the club. We are using their space but they will not be able to answer questions about this project. Direct all questions to Director, John MacKenzie at john@johnmacarts.com or to producer Stephen Loughen, at stevelocke617@gmail.com.  There is also a place at the bottom of this form where you can ask a question.

Please Arrive On Time

Please arrive a few minutes early. Signs will direct you to the back door. Please do not enter areas where we are shooting without permission and follow any instructions you may be given either verbally or written. We have a waiting area that should be comfortable.

Food and Drink

We’ll provide some basic snacks and drinks and coffee. You may bring your own beverage provided it has a cap. Please do not bring food. Mints/gum is fine. Actors and crew staying more than 5 hours will be provided with a more substantial meal.

How should you dress?

Please bring two outfits, wear one and carry one.
The setting is casual / business casual.

Morning cast: You are providing background for a restaurant.

Afternoon/evening: Everyone else is providing background for a train station.

The date is of the story is today. Unless you were asked to wear something specific, be dressed as you would for these settings.

IMPORTANT: NO TEXT on your clothing. NO LARGE LOGOS, NO PHOTOS. I would prefer that you wear something you look good in without being too “loud”.

Accessories such as hats, purse, cell phone, etc… stuff you’d bring to a restaurant or on the train to Boston is fine.

How Long Will It Take?

As long as it takes… We’ve asked you to stay 3 to 4 hours but we may dismiss you early. We may ask for volunteers to stay later. We may even ask you to help in some other way if you’re willing.


A good time, an invite to the premier and some snacks. This is a volunteer production – even the director is working for peanuts and coffee.

Personal Belongings

Don’t bring valuables with you. If you wear jewelry, make it costume jewelry. Don’t bring expensive cameras, tablets or computers. We don’t have a place to lock your stuff and we’re not responsible for stolen or damaged items.

Perfumes and Strong Scents

Avoid heavy perfume and colognes.  We’re in a fairly tight space and some people do not respond well to strong odors. Standard deodorant and lighter/clean scents are fine.

Recording is Prohibited

Don’t do it. Do not record stills, video or audio, anywhere near where we are shooting. You can record outside or in the waiting area. Turn off all devices during the shoot itself.

This is a non-union production. If you’re a member of a film union we advise you not to work on this production.