Auditions – Actress needed for local short film

Production Extras and Staff Needed

And Everything Will Be As It Was

Screenplay by: Stephen Loughran

Based on “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemmingway

Directed by: John MacKenzie

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PRODUCTION SHOOT: Monday, August 7th, in Hudson MA  ALL DAY!

UNION OR NON-UNION: Non-Union – this is an all unpaid production cast and crew.

SYNOPSIS: Bess and her lover sit together at Lincoln station waiting for the next train to Boston, which arrives in 10 minutes. The tension is thick. Bess’ lover attempts to engage in conversation. Clearly distraught Bess’ responses only lead to small talk at best. She wants to say more, but the gravity of the situation and English not being her first language contains her emotions to a few short phrases. “The next inbound train to Boston will be arriving in 5 minutes,” blares over the loud speaker. Bess’ lover ditches the kid gloves stating that the procedure is simple and in their best interest.

Positions Needed:

Makeup ArtistProduction Assistant: Assist with gear (grip) and assist directors with the process of shooting the film. Must be available from 9 am to 9 pm Monday 8/7/17

Production Assistant / Grip

Craft services help and general help

If you can help us out in either of these areas, please fill out the form.

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Please fill out this form if you want to be part of this project!