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All the images here are made using the free version of SketchUP. The applied textures are a combination of Photoshop/Illustrator work, found images, default SketchUp textures and a some may be textures from cgtextures.com. (a great resource).

Google ShetchUp is a 3d drawing program that is free to download and use. SketchUp is similar to Adobe Illustrator in that it is a vector program but unlike Illustrator it is 3d meaning I can view it from any angle.

These examples were made for my own enjoyment however SketchUp can be uses to create 3d environments in some apps.   Other uses would include modeling for construction, events planning, virtual tours and product modeling.

These images are made taking screenshots from  the SketchUp desktop.  Better results can be obtained using a modeling engine and in some cases can be indistinguishable from a photograph.


SketchUP Textures

Texture Pac

I created some textures for use with SketchUP. The fabric textures have an alpha channel allowing color to bleed into it. I originally started developing these fabrics as part of a background project for the ZINK Design & Print Studio.

You can download the fabric textures here.

The Remaining textures were used in various SketchUp projects, download them here.

Feel free to use these textures in personal projects and send me a screen shot of your results. If you want to use them commercially please contact me.