Using QR Codes in Your Buisiness

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John MacKenzie
John MacKenzie
Website Designer

Target Audience

  • N Business owners, artists and bloggers of all kinds that want to use QR codes but have no idea how or why.


  • N This course is designed for persons with user level knowledge of the internet and basic application such as photo editing. It is recommended that you review each lesson in order and take each quiz before moving on to the next. Complete all the lessons before trying to create a QR code on your own.

Course Curriculum

QR Codes and How to Use Them
Learn about QR codes: What they are, how to create them, and how to use them for your marketing. Lesson 2 contains a short video demonstration.

  • What is a QR code and why would I need one?
  • How do I create a QR code
  • Create a QR link to an audio file – beginning to end
  • Features and Statistics
  • Resources
  • Data Safety and Hacking

In this free course, you will learn all about QR codes, what they are, how to create them, and how to use them.

Please read everything from the beginning lesson, even if you think you already know the subject of the lesson. Each lesson builds on the next.

After you have read through all the lessons, go back and try it for yourself.

Lesson 2 has a short 4 minute video with a few examples on how to use an on-line QR generator.

The final lesson is a list of resources on-line.

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John MacKenzie is your instructor. He specializes in teaching website management, and content building for new website owners, specifically those built with WordPress and the Divi Builder. He is an expert in digital image processing, photography, graphic arts, and overall website management. John has been teaching website building and management since 2012, and since then has developed a very successful online presence. His courses allow new website owners to master the functionality of their websites, protect their data from malware, as well as understand the importance of digital image processing. John is passionate about helping people learn how to create beautiful, functional websites and gain confidence in managing their websites with ease. His courses include “Understanding Digital Image Processing for Websites,” “Editing Your Website with the Divi Builder,” “Understanding and Managing Your Website,” and expect more to come. Through John’s courses, website owners can quickly and easily gain knowledge and practical skills to create stunning websites and market them to the public.

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