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Digital Graphic Arts & Design

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Print and Typography

Printed materials communicate the value of your business to your customers. Typography is in every way part of your composition.  Choice of font, weight, color, size and placement all play a role in creating a balanced look. Understanding what will look good on screen compared to what looks good in print is critical to the final result. MacKenzie Arts and Design creates all manner of printed materials from business cards to menus and brochures. We’ll handle everything from design to prepress and production.


A logo can be a simple text logo like Michele Boll Artist, a combination text and symbols like Wish 2 Know or Body by Saiba, or even a photo realistic drawing like Triumvirate Music Group, Inc., The cost of a logo will depend on how detailed it is and how many variations need to be created before a final version is selected.


Most of these illustrations were created in adobe illustrator. Illustrations can help communicate your message. This could include buttons, charts, graphs, cartoons, or even photo realistic illustrations like the Nantero NRAM.


MacKenzie Arts and Design can produce graphics and imagery for all your packaging needs. To date the only packaging we’ve worked on are a few CD cases, but we’d love to do more of this work. Please bring us your custom packaging needs and we’ll do a great job making you look good.

ZINK Happy Printer

As part of the ZINK Happy team, John MacKenzie created seamless backgrounds to be used in the application, photoshop and photography for promotional purposes, and worked on various aspects of the UI design.

Photoshop Retouching and Photo Repair

If you have photos that look flat or need retouching, please ask me for a quote so that I can help you improve them.  See our Photoshop demos here.