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Photoshop and Image Manipulation

Photoshop Image Restoration


Example using Photoshop to restore old photos. This photo was folded and placed in a wallet for several years. Using Adobe Photoshop tools a damaged photo can be nearly completely restored.






Personally I like the original earthy and rugged quality in this photograph, however it also made for an excellent example for photo re-touching with Photoshop. This is an animated GIF showing the results of photo retouching. I was able to smooth skin while retaining detail especially in the eyes. I also “fixed” what appeared to be a broken nose. The original image was found on the internet and I’ve lost the source.[divider]


Masks & Product Images

This is the ZINK hAppy printer. This was one in a series of images used in the help and setup screens for the ZINK Design & Print Studio. The original photograph wasn’t able to capture the faint lights (as compared to the photo floods) and it also did not contain the label.  Using Photoshop, the printer’s lights were “burned” into the image. Next the label had to be inserted, blended and curved. A shadow under the label was added to make the label appear 3 dimensional. Photoshop is the ideal tool for this purpose.