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About Our Photography

MacKenzie Arts and Design offers photography and image sourcing to give you a one-stop solution for your digital marketing needs.

A business needs product shots and staff portraits for self-promotion. Photography communicates better than any written description can.  Use high-quality imagery on your website and in your printed materials to deliver a strong message.

Our portable photography studio comes to your location.  This means your employees won’t need to travel or time from work to have their portrait taken therefore we save you time and money. Small product photography is shot on location or in-house in our studio.  Our photography is 100% digital. We shoot with 24MP Nikon digital cameras, therefore, your images will be of high quality.

Video and Animation

Short video, whiteboard animations and infographics are excellent methods of communication for your website. Animation is a great way to keep a viewer’s attention and is also a proven conversion tool. Our animation software makes videos like these easy to produce and affordable.  We keep you under budget and deliver a professional message as a result you’ll have more time and money to spend on your business.

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Art gallery

Please, take a moment visit our art gallery.   Our photos were taken by John MacKenzie,  over 30 years time.

John MacKenzie - Art Photography - this image - Angry Gull “A favorite is the gull image on this page. I saw the gull perched on a railing in San Francisco overlooking the bay.  When I took the shot,I was less than an arm’s length from this character when he started to squawk.”
–John MacKenzie


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Fine Art

In addition to photography, MacKenzie Arts and Design is in contact with a number of fine artists in the area. We are happy to source quality original art for your home or office.

Michele Boll | painting of Market Basket and water tower, Billerica, MA, sunset.

Painting by Michele Boll | Market Basket and water tower, Billerica, MA at sunset. Acrylic on canvas.