Responsive Website Design and Development

Our responsive website designs are built on solid modern code, and that means your website will be search engine friendly. All of our websites are mobile device ready and fluid designs, therefore content adjusts to the device screen size. We’ll make your business look great on everything from large screens to smartphones. We handle every phase of your web project from design concept to production to ongoing maintenance so you don’t have to contract multiple vendors to build and manage your website.

Before you built-it-yourself, consider this:

Responsive Web Design

Does your current website look great on your cell phone, tablet and large screens? Websites that looked great just a few years ago may not serve you well today. Our websites are fluid and responsive to every screen size and that ensures your next website will look great on every device.  If your website is more than five years old or if it isn’t a responsive design, it’s time to change it.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting your site to rank well is important and it’s not automatic. The rules for page ranking evolve over time and as a result, your website may be out of date. We’ll show you how to present your content, metadata and social media to give your site the best chance to rank well. We install SEO software on every website along with analysis tools so that you have everything you need to improve your on-page rank.

Content Management System

A reliable content management system (CMS)  allows your business to easily update web content without having to write code. The separation of content from structure allows you to update your website’s look, affordably. This saves time and money, even if you hire a professional every time you make changes. We develop with WordPress for CMS because it is flexible, easy-to-use, SEO friendly and it is widely accepted.

Website Design Examples


Why should your website design be responsive?

More than 60% of people surfing the web do so on a mobile device, phone or tablet either exclusively or at least part of the time. If you’ve looked at a non-responsive website on your phone you understand how frustrating it can be. Our websites are not only responsive, but they also are fluid and this means as you resize your site on a desktop, the content adjusts so it’s always readable.

Compare This Before and After 

The original site at was difficult to read on mobile devices. The non-responsive website required mobile users to zoom and pan in order to read the content.

Our redesigned uses a responsive and fluid template that adjusts content to all screen sizes which means you never have to pan or zoom to read anything.


If your website is in need of updating give us a call. I’ll provide you with all the options available to you and a cost estimate. Every web project begins with a formal written proposal, a firm quote, and a satisfaction guarantee.

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