Videos & Animations for Your Website

Adding videos and animations to your website is a great way to retain visitor’s attention. We create videos using a combination of video footage, stills, and animations. All our audio, video and graphics are created in-house using economical methods. 

The Green Beist – trade show video

photography, graphics, editing

Valchoice – Are You Paying Too Much?

Illustrations, animation, graphics, editing

Elliots House

animation, graphics, editing

Insurance Cost Too Much?

photography, graphics, editing

Why I Founded Valchoice.

photography, graphics, editing

Roe v Wade Artists Respond

photography, graphics, editing

Elliot’s House Services

animation, graphics, editing


original music, photography, graphics editing


voiceover, editing, graphics (early edit – unfinished)

Video Production Advantage

MacKenzie Arts is a small shop with the talent to manage all facets of your project from conception to filming, editing, and even background music. Your videos, animations, and graphics are produced quickly and economically. You will add value to your website at a reasonable price point when you use our services. We will even develop a YouTube channel for you so you. Furthermore, YouTube is a great and easy entry into social media allowing you to share your video on many platforms.