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Here is a rough estimation of a complete web design project. Your actual project may have additional requirements not included in this generic list.

Our websites are built on WordPress, the number one CMS (content management system) with 43% of ALL websites and 64% of all CMS websites, currently online (2022) based on the platform.

We recommend and use top themes and programs so that your new website will be compatible on all major browsers and it will look great on the largest of desktops and the smallest of phones.

We guarantee our code for 12 months, to be free of conflict and breakdowns. We will repair any issue at no cost to you. If a third-party software breaks and is not repairable we will do our best to find an alternative solution.

If you’re interested in a specific quote for your project, complete the form to the left or and send it to us.  We provide you with a written detailed proposal for every web design project. There is no obligation.


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