Does your content match your customer’s searches?

To see your webpage the way Google sees it, try

You want organic traffic? Great! So does all your competition.

Their are many approaches to search engine optimization (SEO) but it always starts with content. Search engines to rank your website formost based on content. To get organic traffic your content has to match the stuff that people are searching for. And here is another tool to try Visit the above link at Pingler to find out what key words search engines would derive from your content. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Are all of the keywords you hope people are using to find you listed?

If not you will not likely show up in searches for those words.

Where you place your words is important.

The focus keyword or phrase – the main thing you hope people search on and find you – should be in your URL, your meta page title  and in the beginning of your meta description. It should also appear in a sub heading and somewhere in your first sentences if possible.

If you have an image it should be in the alt tag and title of the image.

You can have other keywords in your content. These words should appear in sub headings as well as in the paragraph text. Use synonyms and related terms, various combinations of phrasing as well. Don’t forget other opportunities to add content. Alt, Title, Captions and Descriptions on images, and making good use of headings (h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6) to highlight most relavant content. So that, in short, is the science…

Don’t overstuff

The art is to make this content flow naturally. Stuffing your content with your keyword can make your site look spammy both to search engines and readers. Err on the side of great original easy to read content. Content is the most important factor but not the only factor. Good code, backlinks, regular updates to content, meta data and paying attention to analytics are some of the other factors to consider.

Does this sound like SEO? it is. If you want to talk about your website’s rank contact MacKenzie Arts & Design and we’ll get to work.

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