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What is an App?

An app is a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose; an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.

In Windows 8 I’ve noticed they are referring to any software that appears on your screen in a window as an App.

To close an app that is full screen, move your mouse to the top of the screen. You should see a bar appear. You can click on the bar with your left mouse button and while holding drag your mouse to the very bottom of the screen then release. Optionally you can bring your mouse to the top of the screen and click the x that appears on the right corner.

Click here to see some other methods of closing apps

How do I download my files to a specific folder?

videos to the videos folder etc…

By default downloads end up in your downloads folder.   You can move them after they download, to the folder of your choice.

Remember Yahoo often shows your images full size. Instead of downloading you may right click and choose “SAVE AS” then save it in the folder of your choice.

MSN email typically forces you do download the image to your download folder. Once there you need to file them into the folder of your choice.

How do I move images from the download folder?

First you have to open the download folder and position it on the left.

Look through your directory for the pictures folder. DON’T LEFT CLICK ON IT.

RIGHT click on the pictures folder and open it in a new window.

Position the pictures folder to your right.

Use the drag and drop method to move images from downloads to pictures (or to any folder you have open on the right.)

For details on drag and drop click here

What if I want to add a folder

Open the folder you wish to place a new folder inside of. Example if you want a new folder called ‘Evelyn 2015’ to be inside of the folder called “pictures” you would first open pictures.

Right click inside the folder (but not on an object in the folder – find some white space).

choose “new” and from there choose “folder”.

once you click you can change the folder name. To change it later right click on the folder and choose “rename”