Today's Wise Technology Solutions

In this day and age, small businesses need to be exceptionally flexible, efficient, and diverse in order to succeed. And since most small businesses aren’t working with the budgets that larger companies have, this requires constant dedication to finding solutions that can propel the business forward. Fortunately, there are many tech and software tools that can help any small business owner keep up with the competition. And while some of them come with upfront costs, they will make your company money in the long run. Here are a few tools to consider today.

PHP Power

One of the most important things you can do as a small business owner is to create a professional website. And since PHP coding is by far the most common website coding (used on major website platforms like WordPress), hiring a PHP developer to power your site with back-end development is a worthwhile investment. If you find the right candidate, they will be able to develop a website that’s easy to use and that you can update yourself. When speaking with candidates, discuss all the work and skills your project requires.

Data Security

Too many small businesses fall victim to cybercrime. In fact, about 43 percent of cyber attacks in the United States are directed at small businesses. This is because cybercriminals know that many small businesses are not concerned about attacks.

Don’t be one of the many small companies that experience an attack that compromises your future. Here are our wise technology recommendations: Invest in data security software, such as encryption programs, network security, cloud security, malware protection, and so on. Moreover, be sure to back up all your company data.

To ensure your data is secure, you can also hire a cybersecurity expert who can provide hacking services. A professional hacker can test your business’s susceptibility to cyber attacks by attempting to penetrate your network.

Data Recovery

If you’ve already experienced an attack that has resulted in lost data, it’s essential to seek data recovery services immediately. Roughly 60 percent of small businesses shut down within six months of data loss, and a data recovery service can help better your chances of survival.

Channel Communication

No one needs to tell you how important communication is for business. Luckily, there are accessible and affordable ways to transform your company’s internal communications. Here are our wise technology recommendations: Software like Slack and Flock are great tools for small businesses that want to communicate and operate more efficiently by compartmentalizing departments, teams, and projects.

These tools are really easy to use as long as your smartphone can handle the task. If your current phone is lagging or doesn’t have the capability or features you need, you should probably look for a newer enhanced model. The latest models have dual-camera systems that are perfect for product photos, fast performance, and long battery life.

Customer Service Automation

Finally, automating some of your customer service duties can boost your customer experience (and, ultimately, customer loyalty and sales) while you’re getting much-needed sleep at home. Rather than hiring employees to cover night shifts, invest in chatbots to handle customer inquiries 24/7. This software can answer basic customer questions that would normally take up the majority of a customer service rep’s time, meaning your reps can spend more time during the day proactively finding solutions to more complex problems. Plus, chatbots provide fast responses, which is very important to customers.

Incorporating the right wise technology and software solutions can make a world of difference in your business operations. Be sure to consider hiring a PHP developer for your website, and invest in the necessary data security and recovery measures. Also, look into how communication software and chatbots can move your company forward. When you start to see for yourself how tech can benefit your bottom line, you will likely be compelled to look for other ways to implement it throughout your business!

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