Digital Image Management for Web and Print

Especially for the Fine Artist

improve your marketing photos on the web and in print

  • Improve your digital imagining skills.
  • Size and compress images so they load fast and look great.
  • Celebrate your process.
  • Understand the importance of lighting, prepress, gamut, and much more.
Artist Photographing Her painting

Have great success with your digital media.

We will teach you everything you need to know to get better results with all your digital images.

Our affordable courses are easy to understand. They are developed in a natural order, each lesson building on the next, and you can always go back and review them again, in any order you wish.

Need even more help?

You have options.

Do it all yourself – our courses will guide you.

You can shoot and manage your photographs. Most modern digital cameras, including most newer cell phones, are capable of producing good-quality images for the web.

If you want to create images for reproduction a professional camera is recommended.

Let Us Help

Hire us for all or part of your process. MacKenzie Arts and Design can handle all or any part of your imagery needs. MacKenzie Arts and Design can handle everything from photography to post-production, prepress, and printing.  Contact us if you need assistance.

We work with a variety of print shops and can place your image on nearly anything you can imagine, from fine art reproduction to business cards, and specialty items of all kinds.

Knowledge is Power

Even if you want to hire out every aspect of your imagery and printing, knowledge is power and this bundle is well worth the time and effort.


The Image Management Bundle Includes

Photographing Fine Art

Take better photographs of your 2D artwork: My course will guide you through the essential techniques and tools needed to showcase your artwork in the best possible light. Learn how to select the right camera and lighting equipment to create stunning digital reproductions in print or for your website.


Mastering Digital Image Processing for Print

Printing from digital files has special requirements: This course covers essential aspects of handling digital images for professional printing. Learn about color gamut and color spaces, understand the advantages of working with raw files, explore optimal file formats for printing, master monitor and printer calibration techniques, and


Understanding Digital Image Processing for the Web

Processing Images for Your Website: You will learn how to format images for the web and to compress them so that they load quickly. You will learn how to compress videos and install audio and video clips. We’ll also demonstrate the WordPress media library.


Website Management

Hire Us to Manage Your Website

Your time is valuable, so let us handle everything. MacKenzie Arts and Design will take care of all your regular backups and software updates for a low monthly fee.

We will also check your website for malware, and if your website becomes compromised, we will restore a backup at no additional fee, once the malware is eliminated. READ MORE

Artist taking a photo of a painting on an easal

Take Better Photographs 

For the seasoned professional or aspiring artist, this bundle empowers you with the skills and knowledge necessary to take your photography to the next level.

  • Increase your chances of getting accepted into shows by providing exceptional images to the gallery director.
  • Enhance your skills and produce stunning, gallery-worthy prints that capture the essence of your original art.

Achieve Your Goals

Through practical examples, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to achieve accurate color reproduction, maximize image quality, and produce better promotional images.

There is no substitute for understanding the right way to do things. Learn these lessons to help you achieve better digital photographs, for both web and print.

taking a photo of a framed image
Graphic of a computer screen

Test Your Knowledge

To reinforce your learning, I’ve included quizzes to test your knowledge. It’s an opportunity to solidify your understanding and ensure you’re equipped to produce excellent digital images for websites and print.

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