Sound equipment available for rent (a partial list):


  • 12 Channel Pevey Unity (Analog)
  • 12 Channel X-Air  (Digital-uses cat cable to laptop)
  • 6 Channel Teac 2a Recording Mixer
  • 6 Channel Rack Mixer


  • Carvin 250 x250 watt
  • 500 x 500 watt
  • Crown D75 good for monitors
  • Boss Accustic Live Acoustic Guitar Amp with Mic input, effects, and harmony vocals.
  • Roland KC-300 ideal for small-stage performances, PA monitoring, and stage monitoring. 100-watt output power, 12-inch woofer, and horn tweeter. Can be mounted on a speaker stand.


  • Two – Bose 502a With Crossover 502c can be used as mains in small venues.
  • Two EV SRO 15″ In sub boxes – These work well with the 502a speakers.
  • Two EV 12″ in portable ABS boxes with horns. These can be uses alone or with the 15″ SROs.


  • Six entry-level wireless – okay for spoken word
  • A variety of vocal mics and stands
  • Pevey boundary microphones (3)
  • MXL 990 Condenser with shock mount
  • a variety of shotgun/video microphones
  • 2 Lavalier Microphones
  • Audio Technica Broadcast Mic


  • Graphics EQ
  • BBE Sonic Maximizer
  • Digital Reverb
  • Digital delay for remote speakers
  • Compressor/limiter
  • ProGrade CD Player
  • Tascam Linear PCM DR-600 mxII
  • M-Audio M-Track digital interface
  • Several Small, Medium and Large diaphram Condensers with shock mounts


  • Three softbox studio lighting setup for video
  • background stand with green screen
  • 3 LED bi color light panels
  • 14″ Ringlight
  • Teleprompter

Rentals come with a sound engineer on site

Rates start at $100 + $50 per hour with a 2-hour minimum.

Transportation over 5 miles from Billerica, MA is $2 per mile each way.


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