Make sure it’s contextual and don’t repeat

The purpose of anchor text is to two fold: We want to tell the search engine what your link is about and we want to tell users, especially the visually impaired, what the link is about.

“CLICK HERE” is not something I’d recommend as an anchor.  For SEO purposes it tells the search engine nothing.

Some rules to follow:

Make sure your anchor text has meaning.

Please visit Elliot’s House is a good example.

Visit Elliot’s House CLICK HERE is a bad example.

Notice also when you hover over each link for several seconds, the first example has a title attribute which displays as you hover. Notice the 2nd link does not.  Visually impaired users need that title attribute. If you use the link feature in the visual editor for WordPress, you will see the option to add a title.  It’s not an option. Use it.

Try not to repeat the same link text more than once on a page. If a search engine sees “click here” 20 times on a page it may have a negative impact on SEO. Instead change up your text even if the link is going to the same url.

Here are 5 examples of how you can link to the same site: Elliot’s House, Elliot’s House Pet Care,, Pet Care Services at Elliot’s House in Cambridge

Finally remember that the search engine is setting your anchor text apart so make use of it by adding more information. If possible include the URL, Brand, Keyword, Some Tagline. Here’s a good example.

If you are a pet owner check out my client Elliot’s House, Pet Care and More and thanks for looking!