I’m often asked,  “Why he should hire a designer when I can build it with (insert your choice here – Wix, Weebley…).”

While you can build it yourself, you can also learn how to sing Opera, play the tuba and build your own boat. Do you have the time to take from your business to learn a new skill?

If you’re a growing company and you find yourself cursing because you’re spending too much time trying to get that social media link in your header, then it’s time to hire a designer.

What is the difference between DIY and a professional designer?


A DYI site may offer everything you need but they limit your choices to their options and then leave it to you to build it.

As your designer I’ll work with you to create a more personalized solution, source images, create graphics and imagery just for you.

Unlike DIY services, MacKenzie Arts and Design  provides additional services such as SEO (search engine optimization), and  we’ll work with you on your social media strategy to help position your website in searches.    Thoughtful user experience (UX) design takes into consideration all types of users and how you want people to interact with your website.   A DIY service only gives you tools to make the site. It can’t provide you with the insight and skill of a design professional.


A hosted Business service on Weebly is $25/month. WordPress hosting on a shared server like FatCow or Hostgator is about 1/4 the price and it offers better service, speed, enhanced security, and support.


Another factor with DIY sites is that you typically can’t migrate your site to another host. Their software only works on their hosting platform. We use WordPress and it works on EVERY hosting platform. This means if you want to move your website to another host or to another domain, it is portable.


As your designer we’re here long term to help you evaluate your site over time and address SEO and user experience issues.


If you’re in business, I recommend you hire a professional to build and maintain your website.


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