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Living At Ipswich Country Club – A WordPress Website by John MacKenzie

When I offer WordPress (.org) to a customer, many times they point me to online platform comparisons between and WIX (and products like it), suggesting that a drag and drop builder is a better fit. Understanding that the full WordPress software is a separate product with features and benefits that may be a better fit for a corporate website is essential. While the .com service and other drag and drop builder services may be great for a small portfolio or blog their is a vast chasm between the two in terms of capability and range. This article made it really clear.

Which service is better?

Each service has it’s place, Squarespace, WIX, Behance, & are all designed for the smaller self-designed website user. If you can not afford to hire a professional or if you only need a small portfolio or landing page, these sites are great. ¬†Keep in mind you’ll be doing all the work, designing, creating the graphics and the content. There are usually higher on-going fees associated with these sites. provides an open source CMS and blogging platform for your professionally built website. This software is absolutely free. There are many themes, plugins and other enhancements that are NOT free however, considering the cost to customize something from scratch, the small price you pay for these enhancements is nominal. This is a much better option (educated and totally biased opinion) for a growing business. If your website will be managed by an IT department or an outside webmaster, this is a much better way to go. Themes can be modified, swapped, and upgraded independent of the content which allows you to expand your website to a professional level.

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Compare with Best Wix Websites

It’s true you can create a great site with a drag and drop builder,¬†¬†but there is a reason you don’t see major companies in their list. The last thing you want to do is scrap your entire platform when it’s time to grow. The cost can be thousands of dollars.

If you envision a future where you will want to hire a professional to manage your website,  I recommend you start with something you know will grow with you. WordPress is an excellent option.

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